TAK-tenna Ham Radio Antenna
TAK-tenna TM Ham Radio Antenna

"Bring Excitement To Your Ham Radio Station"

Six years now...performance-proven - maintaining a
4.5/5 customer satisfaction rating on eHam.net !!

Why do customers give TAK-tenna such High ratings?
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THE stealth ham radio antenna.

100% paintable to blend in with surroundings

Limited, HOA or Restricted Space Ham Radio Antennas
Superior HOA Antenna !!

Portable version also available

Small size with big punch!

Small Footprint on 30 or 48 inch boom

NO lossy power-robbing matching components anyplace in system!

The TAK-tenna line of ham radio antennas are extremely reduced space requirement FULL DIPOLE ham radio antennas;
operated either horizontal or vertical pattern orientation;


Supplied as kit - Easy assembly - less than 90 minutes

TAK-tenna ham radio antennas are available for ANY frequency
from 3 to 30 MHz.


Multiband Operation - Full legal power limit!


TAK-tenna 80 Multiband antenna works 75/80 to 6 meters
with an antenna tuner.

TAK-tenna 40 Multiband antenna works 40 to 10 meters
with an antenna tuner.

Designed to be resonated with direct feed from your rig
with 50 ohm coax ( some folks resonate with
their rig's SWR meter at low power)

Work multiband using an outboard antenna tuner
....NOTE: most INBOARD RIG/BUILT-IN "antenna tuners" do NOT have the impedance matching range capability to provide multiband operation!!

Single band ham radio antennas available for 20,17,15,11 and 10 meters and MARS/Emegency frequencies...or any other HF spot you would like!

Install for either horizontal propagation pattern
( as stealth picture above )...
or vertical orientation for omnidirectional coverage...
... use a 90* 'elbow' on the mast to rotate 90 degrees
to change orientation for time varying:
1. propagation condx
2. skip distance to the station
3. incoming signal polarity
4. best antenna pattern on the working band
( Folks by two antennas...putting one horizontal, the other vertical...
and switch to the best signal )

Horizontal directivity pattern up to 14 dB transmit signal increase with 90 degree rotation
( hard to rotate a s-t-r-e-t-c-h wire dipole )

Windy at your QTH?...folks reporting theirs OK
in 75 MPH wind gusts!!

TAK-tenna Ham Radio antennas are made in the USA

TAK-tenna 40 Multi-bander working with rotator
( painted white by Alfonso... delivered in buff sky gray color)

Works from 40 to 10 meters with your antenna tuner
( note: alligator clips used only during resonating process )

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TAK-tenna 40 Multiband Ham Radio antenna using 50 ohm coax at resonant frequency:

Bandwidth data
SWR HP Network Analyzer
-36 dB Loss Return HP Network Analyzer

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    DISTANCE RECORD = 11,223 miles!!

    How will TAK-tenna work at
    your QTH??

    CONFIRMED!! First TransAtlantic TAK-tenna to TAK-tenna QSO

    Hamuniverse Review

    K4JJF Dan's Restricted Space TAK-tenna 40 worked TX5C


    TAK-tenna works fine at low elevation!

    N3SCR, Guy works his vertical at 11 feet

    TAK-tenna at 6 feet ...

    Below... Randy, KB4QQJ/P working DX with QRP on a 2 foot tripod

    They're stacked on towers also!

    Vince, S52CC scores DXCC 200 with his
    balcony TAK-tenna 40 Multibander setup
    CLICK HERE to read his eHam.net customer report

    TAK-tenna on G6BD - Alan's House Boat...

    TAK-tenna 40 + J-pole combo working at KI4RDG - Dewey, Cairo, Georgia

    TAK-tenna Expedition style in Arctic

    WAS for KB4QQJ working TAK-tenna QRP

    First Trans-Pacific QSO - TAK-tenna to TAK-tenna

    TAK-tenna vs. Screwdriver antenna

    TAK-tenna 20 Meter Model... Bandwidth data

    TAK-tenna 20 comparted to Inverted "V" at KE5MBW

    EA5GWG taking "More Portable" Style TAK-tenna 20 for a hike
    click here to read more

    TAK-tenna 11 Meter model...Bandwidth data

    TAK-tenna 10 Meter model...
    Bandwidth data

    Department of Homeland Security working TAK-tenna 40 More Portable style antenna ( spiral radiators "snug on-pop off" for easy & quick install/packup ) at the 2008 Republican National convention...
    "We were setup and operational in less than 10 minutes!" says Jeff Smith TSA/DHS

    Get REAL performance!

    Get a REAL TAK-tenna!

    Get Superior Service!

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    Do not use or install TAK-tenna LLC products anyplace near power lines.
    Do not use or install TAK-tenna LLC products for mobile use while vehicle is in motion.
    Do not use or install TAK-tenna LLC products - or any antenna for that matter - indoor or inside ANY structure with RF energy ( transmitter ) applied to it due to HIGH VOLTAGE being on it - it's "NOT the watts" - and therefore a POTENTIAL FIRE HAZARD from SPARK!
    See April QST 2008 page 77...gent fried his traps on his attic dipole.
    Folks get good results sticking TAK-tenna outside their window!!... there's a picture on our web site.
    Do not touch any TAK-tenna LLC product or component while it is connected to any electrical appliance or device.

    Tested, Proven and Endorsed by Collins Radio Association...CRA web site

    Email = INFO@TAK-tenna.com

    Tel = 848 - 444 - 9677

    TAK-tenna LLC, P.O. Box 118, Marlboro, NJ 07746